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I'm mad as heck, and I'm not going to take it anymore. The State Assembly endorsements by The News raised my hackles, especially that of Paul Tokasz. Since his poor performance and allegiance to Sheldon Silver were duly noted, why endorse him? Why send him back to Albany when he hasn't delivered for us, but has contributed to the mess that is the State Legislature?

To dismiss his opponent, Daniel Gutowski, merely because he has "no previous political experience" is a weak argument given how the career politicians have driven this state to its knees. There were no ringing endorsements given in the State Senate races either, which further proves that returning incumbents to Albany will only give us more of the same.

State government is broken and it needs to be fixed. It won't be fixed as long as those who contributed to its dysfunction keep returning to the legislative chamber. We, as overtaxed and overlegislated citizens, have the ability to stop the cycle on Election Day by saying, "We're mad as heck and we're not going to take it anymore." Who's with me?

Elaine Todd


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