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Open for business
Find out the latest updates from local businesses as our region reopens.
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Peter Josua Wilson and Lauren J. Makeyenko.

Terence D. Yuskiw and Kelly L. Connors.

Steven L. Richardson and Eden M. Bibat.

John C. Rowell and Dawn M. Jordan.

Guilemo O. Samiento Michea and Veronica Beatriz Bassabe.

Daren E. Saxon and Talisa M. Russell.

Luis Alberto Serfaty and Katherine E. Dickinson.

Joseph L. Smith and Lois Byers-Schumpert.

Huerta Abel Soria and Sherrie Knop Fides.

Dominic Soto and Nicole R. Tredo.

John P. Strangis and Carrie A. Woodrow.

Kurt M. Krebs and Jane Puzan.

John M. Palamara and Renee Roll.

Kenneth Robinson and Sherry K. Best.

Sequoia S. Romero and Dawn M. Weber.

Michael Ryvin and Janet Claire Spilkin.

Theodore V. Scheiderich and Susan M. Myers.

Matthew R. Sousis and Julie M. Holman.

Stephen P. Swain and Deborah R. Perreault.

Minh Hung Vo and Thu Thi Hoang Nguyen.

Marlon W. Warren and Angela A. Saleh.

Randall R. West Jr. and Kathryn Enright.

Rodney T. Williams and Bethzaida Casado.

Roosevelt Williams and Sheriece J. Jackson.

Shaun S. Wilson and Danise C.N. Williams. Daryl M. Jalovick and Melissa M. Mrugalski.

Mark E. Klocke and Noelle J. Melancon.

Jeremy M. Kubica and Regan C. Lee.

Michael J. Lombardo and Jessie J. Stack.

Larry M. Schmitt Jr. and Jennifer A. Hawrylczak.

Edward J. Delmonte II and Erica N. Szczutkowski.

Craig B. Smith and Sandra L. Dodolak. Cheektowaga

Pasquale A. Argentieri and Tracy L. Skinner.

John R. McGowan and Estelle V. Anthony.

Richard C. Pijanowski and Jennifer S. Carenbauer.

Justin M. Hoffman and Holly M. Braho.

Kenneth R. Hewitt Jr. and Suzanne L. Forman.

Howard W. Kelly and Lorraine M. Dutka.

Jeffrey R. Mostel and Veronica M. Mejak.

Martin J. Burke and Kelly A. Charleton.

Gregory V. Zon and Jill C. Cronenberger.

Christian J. Pawlak and Melissa M. Enders.

Robert W. Patterson and Ryan E. Kendall.

Michael R. Perron and Amy N. Cancilla.

Joshua V. Pawlowski and Elizabeth A. Delmonte.

James A. Houde and Jessica H. Klima.

Charles P. Meatyard and Shari L. Isham.

Robert W. Fissler and Traci L. Spanton.

John P. Czosnyka and Adrienne C. Acker.

Mario Mauri and Lori L. Heppel.

Andrew J. Lesinski and Joe Mardanis.

Town of Tonawanda

John Ward and Karen Mercier.

Michael Van Dewater and Jennifer Witsil.

Jeremy E. Steinkirchner and Julie Rainero.

Jonathan D. Miles and Gretta Bailey.

Gregory V. Stutz and Lisa M. Potter.

Curtis Hamilton Rahill and Bobbie Lee Pidanick.

Michael C. Herceg and Caryn L. Hannagan.

Jason Musacchio and Jamie Kysor.

David Arthur Meyer and Michele Elise Pannozzo.

Joseph Griffo and Karen Machniak.

Michael J. Valentine and Jessica L. Thompson.

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