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Drew Bledsoe offered a forceful defense of his performance Wednesday.

Asked to assess his play in the wake of the team's 1-5 start, the Buffalo Bills quarterback said, in so many words: Take a look at what's happening around me.

"I will tell you that in looking at my own play, here is the situation, being completely honest with you," Bledsoe said. "I am the quarterback of a team that's a power-running team. Yet we have not run for a touchdown through six games.

"I'm in a situation where we've made a great emphasis to get back and get the ball off more quickly, yet I've still been hit as much as anybody in the league.

"Going back and looking at it, I've got seven interceptions for the year. Five of those were tipped balls -- one of them on a Hail Mary and one on a poor officiating call.

"Going forward from here, I'm trying to do everything I can. To this point, based on what I've been given, in some instances I feel like I've done what I can."

Bledsoe is 22nd in passing efficiency, with a rating of 73.6. He has six touchdown throws to go with his seven interceptions.

Bledsoe rarely offers excuses in assessing the team week after week. However, with criticism of him mounting with each Bills loss, it was clear he was determined to more strongly defend himself.

"To have basically two interceptions for the year that are basically my fault while I'm still taking some shots, it is what it is," Bledsoe said. "I'm certainly not asking for a free pass or anybody's sympathy. I live a blessed life. But at the same time, when I look at it, I also have to be honest with myself and say, 'Hey listen, in this last game did I do everything that I could?' No. I certainly didn't. Has that been the case all year? No, it hasn't.

"The most frustrating part for me comes when the hits on the quarterback and the lack of production in the running game come not from physical breakdowns but from mental mistakes. What it takes to fix that, I've been searching for the last six weeks."

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