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1. What was the acting name of Virginia McMath? She was a noted dancer in movies.

2. In 1998 and 1999, two New York Yankee pitchers had perfect games. Name either pitcher.

3. In the nursery rhyme that begins "1, 2," what line follows "9, 10"?

4. Who was President after Harry Truman?

5. A reddish brown color is called what word beginning with "a"?

6. In Congress. what is a whip?

7. Does ammonia, when cooled and compressed, result in a liquid or gas?

8. What are the five zones of Earth's surface?

9. Throughout the years, what flower was prominent in the "Brenda Starr" comic strip?

10. What significant occurrence happened in the Korean War on Nov. 26, 1950?


1. Ginger Rogers.

2. David Wells in 1998 and David Cone in '99.

3. "A big fat hen."

4. Dwight Eisenhower.

5. Auburn.

6. Members of each major party -- Democrats and Republicans -- in both houses of Congress have whips whose job is to keep party members in line on votes. The term is from an English fox-hunting term "whipper-in" for the person responsible for keeping hounds from leaving the pack.

7. Liquid.

8. Torrid, North Temperate, South Temperate, and two Frigid Zones.

9. Black orchid.

10. Chinese "volunteers" crossed the Yalu River in large numbers to fight against United Nations forces.

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