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Pano Georgiadis' plans to demolish the Atwater House at 1089 Elmwood Ave. to accommodate an expansion of his restaurant will hurt businesses. People travel to Elmwood because of its density, which is the reason malls succeed. Exchanging Elmwood's density for parking lots removes its product mix and excitement. The reason people come to Elmwood would vanish. If Georgiadis replaces a building with a lot, will others follow suit?

He can expand inexpensively by building a second-floor deck. Elmwood is to our region what Chinatown and Little Italy are to Manhattan. People flock to those places despite the difficultly finding parking. Once free of their cars, they enjoy the product mix and excitement of those densely packed areas. Would it be OK for one man to change the character of those thriving areas?

Michael E. Ferdman

Former president, Forever Elmwood

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