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Tables turned ...

Ashton Kutcher, stumping for Democrat John Kerry and John Edwards in the actor's home state, said that he and others who voted for President Bush in 2000 "got punked."

"I voted for him because I thought he was like me. I thought he was a good old boy like me," Kutcher said, speaking before Edwards took the stage in Dubuque, Iowa.

But Kutcher, 26, said Bush has proven him wrong. And he had a message for the president: "You're not going to fool me again."

Just then, a man in the audience yelled "You got punked!" Kutcher is the host of the MTV show "Punk'd" in which celebrities are the subjects of practical jokes.

"Yah, we got punked," the Cedar Rapids native said. "I'm here to take responsibility for my mistakes."

Buying good faith ...

The Dave Matthews Band will stay in the good-guys column by coughing up $100,000 in response to an August incident in which one of the group's tour-bus drivers allegedly dumped 800 pounds of sewage from a Chicago bridge onto a boatload of tourists.

The eco-friendly band said it suspended the driver, Stefan Wohl, who had acknowledged driving the vehicle over the bridge about the time of the incident but denied dumping the septic tank.

Unfortunately for Wohl, a nearby security camera reportedly caught the incident on tape, and the State of Illinois filed a lawsuit against the band. The suit is still pending, but the band made the payout anyway -- calling it a gesture of good faith and not an admission of guilt.

Avoiding confrontation ...

NBC staffers were bracing themselves for a scene the other day when Sean (Puffy) Combs and his "South Park" antagonists Trey Parker and Matt Stone all showed up to tape interviews with Deborah Norville.

You'll recall that the "Team America" creators didn't endear themselves to the rap mogul when they mocked his "Vote or Die" registration campaign in a recent Rolling Stone article.

"Trey and Matt asked for a dressing room far away from Puffy's," a spy tells us. "After their interview, they were escorted out the back exit so they wouldn't have to walk past his dressing room. They're very comfortable attacking him in a magazine. They're a little less courageous in person."

Parker denies that they dodged Combs.

"We walked right by his dressing room," he tells us. "The door was closed and two giant guys were outside. I'm not saying I wouldn't be a little nervous for our safety. But in terms of having a political argument, Matt and I could could take on Puffy and Sean Penn (who has also blasted them) together."

Thanks, but no thanks ...

Catherine Zeta-Jones should be flattered that her image was used for advertising and promotion on the Web site of a Nevada topless club, a spokesman for the club said.

Jones is suing the Spice House, which bills itself as "Reno's friendliest topless cabaret," and its owner, Wesglow Resources, for displaying her picture on "numerous pages" of its Web site without her permission, according a lawsuit filed last week in U.S District Court in Los Angeles.

A designer for the club's Web site downloaded pictures of Jones from a German Web site that offered "royalty-free graphics," said Kent Wallace, the club's marketing director.

"She should have been flattered, as far as I'm concerned," Wallace said.

Wallace said the club immediately took down Jones' images when it was contacted by her lawyer, and called the lawsuit "frivolous." He said the club hasn't retained a lawyer yet but that it planned to ask a judge to dismiss the lawsuit.

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