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I can hardly wait for Election Day. Why? Because I'm sick and tired of the relentless bombardment of TV ads where one political candidate slams his or her opponent. What a waste of money.

I would think the candidates could be more creative in their attempt to win votes. I also believe the candidates should focus on their positive contributions rather than their opponents' negative traits. Although the TV ads may be intended to retain the candidates' own party voters, they may do the opposite.

I would like to offer the following suggestion: A candidate for an elected office cannot spend more than $5 multiplied by the number of registered voters in that seat's district or state. If more money is raised, the excess should be donated to charity. Also, the earliest any candidate can begin to campaign is 120 days before the election.

Political campaign money could be used more wisely, instead of being spent on these frivolous TV ads.

Kevin McDonnell

West Seneca

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