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Charles Krauthammer's Oct. 8 column demands a truthful response. The Bush administration began in an ignoble manner by disenfranchising thousands of American citizens of their right to vote in Florida, and using the Supreme Court to fraudulently obtain power.

Krauthammer cited Spain. However, he did not mention that the people of Spain were overwhelmingly against the Iraq war, as were the vast majority of people everywhere. He seems to think he has an insight into what terrorists think. Perhaps he should look at what is going on in Iraq. Our troops are the targets of every terrorist in the Middle East. Iraq is now a rallying point for the terrorists. Bush has created 1,000 new bin Ladens. Afghanistan is now producing most of the heroin that poisons many Americans.

If Bush loses, the terrorists do not win. They won when Bush got a chance to implement his policies. The abuse of prisoners, the people imprisoned without legal process, the innocents who were killed when Bush bombed Iraq and the WMDs that did not exist all trash what the United States always stood for. Bush has destroyed truth and justice, and discredited the American way. Sen. John Kerry will have to begin a new administration with all the hate created by Bush after he squandered all the goodwill the 9/1 1 tragedy brought us.

Edmund Gleason

North Evans

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