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Perhaps Buffalo police officers are "having a tough time on the road" these days because some officers apparently have forgotten some of the basic rules and courtesies of driving.

Having police officers become one of the hazards of the road is not what most drivers expect. I live downtown and have seen officers in such a rush to get to their station at shift change that they neglect to use turn signals to change lanes or maneuver properly for a turn. I have seen them speed down the street at 40 to 50 mph without lights or sirens, through intersections during morning and evening rush hours, only to turn into the parking lot at the station.

Conversely, they have been observed using lights and sirens for the sole purpose of getting through an inconvenient red light only to turn off said lights and sirens when on the other side of the intersection. Is this responsible driving?

To blame all accidents suffered recently by the police on single-officer patrol cars and on other drivers is to generalize. There is no denying that these factors may play a role in some accidents. But when the police put themselves above the basic rules of the road in their everyday driving, some of the responsibility should fall on those who simply refuse to utilize the common rules that we are all expected to follow.

Donna Carroll


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