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After watching a recent episode of "2 0/2 0," I am appalled at our country, President Bush and the Pentagon. How can we send young men and women into war with no plan on how to take care of them if and when they are seriously wounded in battle?

They can no longer return to their jobs and support their families, and there is no money set aside to care for them. One soldier was told to return the money received for a promotion he was given a week before he was injured. Now he is living in his car. It was sad to see one of the soldiers saying it would have been better if he had died, because his family would have been better provided for.

Did Bush think we would go in and win the war and have no injuries? We rarely see these injured soldiers, just like we don't see the coffins of the dead soldiers. What does Bush think -- if they don't show them to us, they don't exist? All I can say is shame on Bush and shame on all of us for allowing this to happen and doing nothing about it.

Pam Bouquin


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