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Column as I see 'em:

* Coming off the debacle in Baltimore, it's hard to imagine the Bills selling the nearly 8,000 tickets remaining for Sunday's game against Arizona. Here's some free marketing advice: Have Mike Mularkey come out today and announce Willis McGahee is his No. 1 running back.

There's one problem, though. If the Bills make Travis Henry the backup, it'll diminish his trade value. When Tom Donahoe tries to swing a deal before the draft, other general managers will remind him that Henry wasn't even good enough to start for a bad Bills team. It's a classic bind, but it's of Donahoe's making. It kills me to say I told you so, but this is why they should have traded Henry back in August.

* There's no way Curt Schilling doesn't start again if the World Series goes back to Fenway for a Game Six. They could amputate the guy's foot and he'd want the baseball. And I have a strong suspicion that there will be a sixth game. The Cardinals didn't win 105 games by accident. They're a solid, fundamental team that will be difficult to beat at Busch Stadium. The Cards remind me of the 1987 and '91 Twins, who went unbeaten at home while winning two Series titles.

The Red Sox are fortunate to have the home-field advantage. For that, they can thank their old pal, Roger Clemens. Remember, the American League shelled Clemens in the All-Star game to secure home-field advantage in the Series.

* It was about time UB gave men's basketball coach Reggie Witherspoon a contract extension. Of course, things move slowly in the university these days. Bill Maher has been wearing the interim athletic director's tag for a year and a half.

* Kansas City set an NFL record by rushing for eight touchdowns against the Falcons. The Bills haven't rushed for a touchdown in their last nine games.

* The Bills should give Drew Haddad, the former UB star, a chance to return punts at some point. They told Haddad he'd get a shot when they brought him to training camp. What do they have to lose? He can't do any worse than Nate Clements, the so-called "Playmaker."

* St. Louis manager Tony LaRussa complained about his team's hotel accommodations in Boston. Maybe the Genius was trying to deflect attention from his decision to start Matt Morris on three days' rest in Game Two. Morris has a sore right shoulder and a 6.06 road ERA. Other than that, he was a perfect choice.

* Drew Bledsoe wasn't the only quarterback who had a nightmare day Sunday. Seattle's Matt Hasselbeck went 14 for 41 with four interceptions -- against Arizona, the Bills' next opponent. If you had that marked on the schedule as an easy win, dig out the eraser.

* It's hard to take the Colts seriously when they give up 14 points at home to the Jaguars in the fourth quarter.

* If you're looking for an NBA dark horse, try the Phoenix Suns. Getting Steve Nash to play point guard will make all those gifted young skill players better.

* Donovan McNabb has completed 65.7 percent of his passes, with 13 touchdowns and three interceptions. Amazing what an elite receiver can do for a quarterback. But Rush Limbaugh thinks I'm only saying this because McNabb is black.

* Bill Parcells called Sunday's 41-20 loss at Green Bay the "low point" of his tenure in Dallas. Parcells said the Cowboys might not win another game. Just think, if he's right, the Cowboys might wind up with two of the top five picks in the draft -- their own and the one Buffalo gave them for the right to draft J.P. Losman.

* Last December, a Pittsburgh columnist had this to say about Mike Mularkey, then the Steelers' offensive coordinator: "It was typical wicky-wacky Mularkey. They expect us to do this. So we'll do that. Mularkey plays away from his team's strengths in order to deceive the opposition." Sound familiar?


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