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Political opponents of Prime Minister Tony Blair launched a renewed attack on his handling of the Iraq conflict Sunday as British soldiers prepared to move deeper into the country to support U.S. troops.

Four senior members of previous Conservative Party governments, including former Prime Minister John Major, leveled a series of allegations against Blair ranging from accusations of outright lying to moving British troops deeper into Iraq and into much more dangerous territory to help President Bush in the approaching U.S. election.

Major's former deputy, Lord Michael Heseltine, was the most outspoken critic.

"I think he has lied about the situation in the Middle East," he told ITV1's "Jonathan Dimbleby" program. "We were told that there was a threat. We were told there were weapons of mass destruction. There were no weapons of mass destruction; there was no threat."

Blair has repeatedly rejected allegations he misled the country over the reasons for going to war.

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