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Reader response was heavy to my recent column on teaching kids the ins and outs of tipping.

Many readers shared their tipping practices, or lack thereof. Several restaurant servers also weighed in.

One tipping tidbit came from John Collum of La Plata, Mo. "For most of our out-of-town trips," he said, "we get $2 bills from the bank and then leave one or more for the housekeeper."

Bill Keller wrote about a tipping experience his son encountered as a restaurant employee. Tips, said Keller, "should be calculated on the total before discounts are taken. The best example that comes to mind would be using a 2-for-1 coupon that many restaurants offer on traditionally slow business times to encourage business. My son was on the other side, a server at a restaurant near a retirement home. He found other work specifically because on Gold C nights, he found most people left tips on the bottom line, usually just over half of their true service total."

Marisa Cormier of Virginia Beach, Va., a server for 11 years, had this to say: "Most servers do not make minimum wage. Here in Virginia, the standard for servers is $2.13 an hour. This has not changed in more than 15 years. . . . Also, many people aren't aware that a percentage of what they tip their server pays the wage of the bus person, the bartender and, in some instances, the greeter."

Finally, this comment from a reader in Morgan Hill, Calif. "I used to hate to tip," said Gene Beley. "Now I tell my friends to be careful what you hate. My daughter is now a server at Marie Callender's."

-- Steve Rosen