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Once again, the Town of Cheektowaga is proposing a tax increases on its homeowners. The popular catch phrase is "rising pension and health care costs." The politicians keep repeating that they have no control over these costs.

The point is they do have control. They could start right at the top. Town councilmen should not receive health and pension benefits for doing a part-time job. (I know they would argue this vehemently).

Stop picking on the plow driver who has to work Christmas Eve or the police officer who hasn't spent a holiday with his family in five years. These individuals sacrifice their time with their families now so that they may enjoy their grandchildren during their retirement years.

I understand that cutting officials' benefits would be a small impact on the budget, but it would certainly make a huge impact on public opinion. Besides, how many career politicians would we have if this concept came to fruition.

Douglas D. Kozuch