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Q: Do you think the news media have covered the presidential campaign fairly?

No, I would like to see us go back to the days when news stories reported the news and editorials stated opinion. The major networks and newspapers have changed it around such that news stories are flavored by "their" opinions and editorials are out and out campaign commercials. Oh, for the days of yellow journalism.

Peter B. Wigdor, 1SG US Army Retired, Buffalo

No, the news media have not covered the presidential or any election campaign fairly. To be fair, the moderator of the debates, who knows the questions in advance, should at the end of each candidate's answer verify the truthfulness of the facts and figures mentioned. This way the viewers know who was wrong or lying. This gives the audience the true facts and helps them decide who to vote for.

Joe Marchese, Williamsville

News media have done a mediocre job of covering the campaign -- too much advocacy journalism (slanting of news reports to support a party or set of ideas) and too little asking candidates to explain their promises (e.g. candidates who promise tax cuts and/or spending but who also promise to cut the deficit; candidates who say they have a plan for Iraq but can't explain what it is, etc.). Voters have been poorly served.

Bob Kanner, Kenmore

The news media have never covered politics "fairly," including this presidential campaign.

Which quotes are carefully selected to slant the content presented?

Which photos make the candidate appear sympathetic, learned, indecisive, manic or buffoon?

Whose strong points, solid ideas, successes are touted while another's mis-steps, comments receive emphasis?

We voters must access all possible sources, aware of the above, and make informed, analytical, critical, non-emotional decisions before entering the booth. Are we up to it?

Karen E. Kopper, Buffalo

The answer is simple. Since most of the media is liberal, and a liberal is a mealy-mouthed, lily-livered, yellow-bellied coward, the answer is a resounding no.

Jack Angelo Territo, Buffalo

I believe for the most part that the media have been fair. Every media outlet has a point of view, and if you look around, you can find every conceivable idea discussed and broken down. It's the extremism that is befuddling America. There is so much hate out there that it confuses folks and clouds the real issues. It is up to us to investigate all opinions for ourselves, and then get out and vote.

Rick Lange, Farmersville