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Vacationing honeymooners have their Hawaiian visit interrupted in an alarming way in the new episode "Almost Paradise." The bride vanishes, and Harrison and Declan (Michael Biehn, Sharif Atkins) search for her while officials worry about the effect the disappearance could have on the islands' tourism business. Gains and Edwards (Eric Balfour, Ivan Sergei) seek a convenience-store owner's killer. (TV14) HDTV9669

8 PM on ABC


Michael (Harold Perrineau) suffers a vicious beating, which only Jin and Sun (Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim) -- who don't speak English -- know the facts of, in the new episode "House of the Rising Sun." Several of the other plane-crash survivors debate which part of the island they should use to set up camp. Locke (Terry O'Quinn) makes a big discovery about Charlie (Dominic Monaghan). (TV14) HDTV12319, 65027

8 PM on Fox

MLB Baseball

Tonight's Game 4 of the World Series could provide the boost one team needs to go all the way. It did last year for the Florida Marlins, who were trailing the Yankees two games to one before winning the fourth game in dramatic fashion. Florida never lost again en route to its second title. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver call the action from the home park of the National League champion. Game 5, if necessary, is Thursday. HDTV177263

8 PM on WB


An unusual glowing stone used by Lionel (John Glover) against Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) causes Clark (Tom Welling) and Lionel to trade bodies in the new episode "Transference." The switch gives Lionel the clear benefit, but he uses his newly acquired superpowers to cause trouble throughout Smallville. Trapped in Lionel's former prison cell, Clark has to figure out how to literally get back inside his own skin. HDTV7552718

9 PM on NBC

The West Wing

Representatives of Israel and Palestine visit Camp David as President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) tries to broker a Middle Eastern peace in the new episode "The Birnam Wood." Leo (John Spencer) remains at the White House, waiting for the right moment to give U.S. troops the order to launch an attack on a Syrian training camp for terrorists. (TVPG) HDTV9805

9 PM on CBS

The King of Queens

Carrie's (Leah Remini) enthusiasm for her new job as a team leader -- which even has her willing to work on Saturdays -- makes Doug (Kevin James) jealous of her in the new episode "Dugan Groupie." He seeks a promotion of his own and lands a position he's ill-prepared for. Arthur (Jerry Stiller) thinks Doug and Carrie lead a different life when he isn't present. (TVPG) HDTV7718

9 PM on Channel 9

Law & Order

An extreme makeover has a fatal result for a popular novelist in the new episode "Cut." Fontana and Green (Dennis Farina, Jesse L. Martin) trace her death to a plastic surgeon (guest star Bruce Altman) who had performed liposuction on her recently. At Branch's (Fred Dalton Thompson) urging, McCoy (Sam Waterston) pursues a criminal case against the doctor, rather than letting it be decided in a civil trial. (TV14) HDTV45263

9 PM on PBS.

Great Performances

The telecast of each season's inaugural event at Carnegie Hall in New York is a staple of this series, which doesn't disappoint by presenting "Carnegie Hall Opening Night 2004." Under the guidance of its new music director, Christoph Eschenbach, the Philadelphia Orchestra is joined by cellist Yo-Yo Ma and legendary soprano Renee Fleming in renditions of a trio of Richard Strauss works. (TVG) HDTV91060

9 PM on WB

The Mountain

Dowling (Mitch Pileggi) plans to address a board meeting about the property he has leased from the Carvers, unaware that the land is worthless, in the new episode "Best Laid Plans." Will (Anson Mount) intends to deliver the coup de grace to Dowling publicly. Shelly (Tara Thompson) seeks alone time with Michael (Tommy Dewey) at a site where Sam (Penn Badgley) is house-sitting. HDTV7565282

10 PM on AMC


For any would-be actor, it's a thrill to land a role ... but will the excitement last when the supposed film is revealed to be fake? Novice performers supply their own answers as this series debuts as part of "Monsterfest," AMC's annual Halloween-season marathon of horror features. Appropriately, the first mock movie is "Croc Park," a low-budget chiller. Real performers Erik Estrada and Rachel Hunter also are on hand. (TVPG)350669