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All My Children: Zach finally admitted that he is Alexander Cambias Jr. Adam threatened to send Jamie to prison unless Tad reveals Colby's location. Babe accused Paul of stealing her baby. When Paul informed Babe that he'd claim she was involved in the scheme, Babe and Paul's argument turned physical, and Jamie became involved. Jamie suggested that he and Babe kidnap Ace and make J.R. believe that Babe's son died and then go on the run with Ace. Coming: Kendall and Ethan's relationship gets more committed.

As the World Turns: When Jack found out that Julia kept his past from him, he returned to Oakdale with her and J.J. After Jack's instincts led him to foil a robbery at the diner, he felt a connection to Parker. Meanwhile, Julia gathered details about Carly's checkered past from Lisa and shared them with Jack. Lucy and Rafi turned out to be old friends from childhood, and she told him about the fixed fight. Coming: Will thinks his mother is safely tucked away . . . but is she?

Bold and Beautiful: Stephanie surprised Amber by offering to call a truce. When Amber felt faint, Stephanie took her to the doctor, who delivered the stunning news that, while Amber isn't pregnant, there is no reason why she couldn't become pregnant. Deacon taunted Massimo by putting Massimo's ring on his own hand. Coming: Amber has a different view about her future.

Days of Our Lives: Belle finally accepted that Shawn doesn't love her as much as she thought, and finally gave herself to Philip. When Shawn saw Belle and Philip making love, he angrily had rough sex with Jan. John and Brady were shocked to find Patrick and Nicole with Colin -- who has been a prisoner on the island for more than a year. With Patrick having launched the process to blow up the island, John learned that he is the main reason for Tony's vendetta against the inhabitants of Salem. Coming: A shocking encounter with Stefano.

General Hospital: Nikolas and Emily broke Helena's curse with a kiss in the Garden of Aphrodite. Edward married Heather but wanted to wait before consummating the nuptials, and dreamed that Lila warned him about Heather. Alexis and Ric learned that Kristina may need a bone marrow transplant from one of her parents. Durant was wounded at the press conference but survived and reeled Carly into his agenda to destroy Sonny when he cleared Jason as a suspect in his shooting. Coming: Jax and Courtney make a sad decision about their relationship.

Guiding Light: Reva was stunned to learn from Sandy that J.B. is Jonathan, and was too late to prevent Tammy from losing her virginity to her cousin. After hearing the awful truth from Cassie, a tormented Tammy went to the hospital and slapped Sandy. Tony snuck on board the yacht when Holly and Michelle took off with Sebastian. Sebastian drugged Michelle and Tony, then kidnapped Holly and demanded that Michelle produce Ed in order to save her. Coming: Lizzie fears the truth coming out.

One Life to Live: Jen got Paul drunk and stole the telltale video of Rex and Lindsay. Riley, hurt that Jen didn't turn to him for help, broke up with her. Tico's mood grew dark when Jessica refused to be intimate with him. Paul demanded money from Kelly, threatening to return Ace to his real mother. Todd couldn't get a marriage license to wed Blair because legally Todd Manning doesn't exist. Coming: Will Paul get what he deserves?

Passions: Katherine intended to finish doing away with Alistair but Sheridan talked her out of killing him, wondering why "Mrs. Wheeler" knows so much about her mother. Alistair tried bribing Martin, but Martin refused to give up Katherine as the price. Coming: Revelations for Sheridan and Luis.

Young and Restless: Brad pleaded with Ashley to go on a trip with him, and was appalled when she said she wasn't sure if she wants to make their marriage work. Dru and Neil asked Lily to get Devon to divulge whatever he knows about his father, whom they learned is alive. Frederick offered Brittany cash and an apartment if she calls off the wedding. Coming: Gloria fears that John may learn the truth about Kevin.

--Toby Goldstein

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