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News sports reporter Keith McShea states the reason that St. Joe's was not ranked in the boys soccer poll was because "confusion over whether it should be in a large or small school poll had kept the Marauders out of the local polls until appearing eighth (this week)." After seeing six of the top nine ranked teams play, including all of the top three in the large school division and also top-ranked Nichols of the small school division, I can tell you, confusion had nothing to do with it!

St. Joe's has not lost a game locally. Its only loss came at the hands of the now No. 3 ranked team in the country. Some coaches and parents might say that St. Joe's doesn't play anyone tough. Those people obviously have not been to a St. Joe's vs. Canisius game recently. Tough would be an understatement! I would also tell those coaches of the so-called, top-ranked schools to call St. Joe's. I am sure the team would love to play you . . . even at your place!

The News should either abolish the polls because they are too politicized . . . or make sure the voters are considering all of the teams! And to answer Mr. McShea . . . in either the large or small school poll, St. Joe's belongs in the top spot, and if anyone doesn't believe me, come out and watch the boys play, and you'll see for yourself!

Joe Emminger


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