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Winners in the the "Masters of the Chainsaw" Niagara Chainsaw Challenge, held recently in Niagara Falls, were:

Nautical Category: 45 Minute Quick Carve:
1. Brett McLain, New Jersey, "Frog."
2. Hiromu Kurita, Japan, "Fish."
3. Michael Blaine, New Hampshire "Mermaid."

Bird Category: 45 Minute Quick Carve:
1. Ken Nishima, Japan, "Pheasant."
2. Michael Blaine, New Hampshire, "Hummingbirds."
3. Keiji Kidokoro, Japan, "Double Eagle."

Mammal Category: One Hour Quick Carve
1. Michael Blaine, New Hampshire, "Rearing Horse."
2. Keiji Kidokoro, Japan, "Bear & Wolf."
3. Ken Nishima, Japan, "Mother Bear & Cub."

Wildlife Category: Masterpiece 6 Hours
1. Michael Blain, New Hampshire, "Lynx & Pheasant."
2. Ken Nishima, Japan, "Snake, Fish & Frog."
3. Keiji Kidokoro, Japan, "Eagle."

The contest was judged by Lewiston Council on the Arts.

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