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The Amherst Bridge Club in the Game Zone, 3860 Sheridan Drive near Harlem Road, winds up American Contract Bridge League Club Appreciation Month with a Unit-rated Club Appreciation Pairs game at 11 a.m. Thursday. Non-ACBL members can play, too.

Then, next Sunday, the club will host a sectionally-rated Swiss Team Game, an extended stratified single session event from 1 to 5:30 p.m. ACBL masterpoint point awards will be increased to a sectional rating. Come of masterpoints issued (including match awards) will be gold points. Preregistration is required.

For information, contact club manager Bill Finkelstein at 836-7016 or e-mail

The arrival of November brings schedule changes to the Bridge Center of Buffalo in the plaza at Sheridan Drive and Sweet Home Road in Amherst.

Starting Nov. 1, the Monday morning game will be changed from a novice game to an open stratified game and the morning games Monday through Friday will start at 10:30 a.m. Those needing partners can call 834-4222.

This week, there will be club championship games at 11 a.m. Wednesday and 11 a.m. Friday.

Lockport Duplicate Club held a Unit Charity Game Oct. 16 to benefit the Lockport Senior Centre. The results:

First Overall -- Strat A: Kevin Gervase and Bob Linn, 61.9 percent; Strat B: Ed and Liz Harman, 58.3 percent; Strat C: Janet Morgan and Jane Whitmore, 49.

Section Tops -- Strat A: Meg Klamp and Chris Urbanek; Strat B: Sue Barnes and Bill Wasson.

299er Section Winners -- First, Barbara and Martin Pietrse; second, Lou DiLorenzo and Patricia Lancaster; third, Kathy Fenn and John Meindl; fourth, Eunice Garey and Eileen Bisantz.

ABA Bridge Club -- North-south, Helen Calbert and Blulah Thomas, 104; Juanita Birdsong and Lolo Bishop, 100; Cleveland Fleming and Thelma Daughtry, 98; east-west, William McMillian Sr. and Mary Rogers, 103; Doanne Jackson and Pam Murphy, 101; Shirley Thompson and David Mathis, 100; possible 268.

Amherst Bridge Club Tuesday afternoon -- Less than 2,000 masterpoints: north-south, Carl Stone and Nancy Kessler, 64.16%; east-west, Maria Zayan and Paula Weiser, 57.44%. Less than 75 masterpoints: north-south, Bruce Burr and Ross Markello, 58.50%; east-west, Dorothy May and Val Derenda.

Amherst Bridge Club Wednesday evening -- ACBL Club Appreciation Pairs. Unlimited masterpoints: 1st -- Betty Dorio and Dave Larcom, 58.80%; 2nd -- Bonnie Bryer and Barbara Libby, 57.41%. Less than 1,000 masterpoints: 1st -- Betty Dorio and Dave Larcom, 58.80%; 2nd -- Gene Giorgini and Joe Peters, 52.31%. Less than 500 masterpoints: 1st -- Gene Giorgini and Joe Peters, 52.31%; 2nd -- Alicia Kolipinski and Carl Stone, 50.93%.

Amherst Bridge Club Thursday afternoon -- (1 0/1 4) Unlimited masterpoints: 1st -- Al Haber and Dan Foley, 60.30%; 2nd -- Dolores Warmuz and Marge Kohl, 58.52%. Less than 1,000 masterpoints: 1st -- Dolores Warmuz and Marge Kohl, 58.52%; 2nd -- Alexandra Miller and Mike Kisiel, 58.07%. Less than 500 masterpoints: 1st -- Dolores Warmuz and Marge Kohl, 58.52%; 2nd -- Jean Sullivan and Paula Eiser, 56.22%.

Amherst Bridge Club Saturday afternoon -- Closed for Unit Game.

Amherst Senior Center Monday afternoon -- North-south, Marv Feuerstein and Estelle Atlas, 55; Dolores Shearer and Anna Edwards, 58; east-west, Mary Bates and Marie Schneider, 63; B. J. McMath and Pat Truell, 62.

Amherst Senior Center Thursday -- North-south, Ross Markello and Shirley Cassety, 46.5; east-west, B. J. McMath and Pat Truell, 45.

B&P Duplicate Monday morning -- Section A North-south, Dorothy Brenner and Luke Danielson, 127; Eleanor Whelan and Nan Denn, 120; east-west, Kevin Gervase and Vincent Pesce, 127; Nana Stromberg and Eileen Karnofsky, 122; Mercedes Reinbolt and Paddy Lanighan, 105; possible 216. Section B North-south, Julie Fisher and Inge Gallant, 126.5; Mary Pat Cerrone and Phyllis Wilkinson, 116.5; east-west, Judy Graf and Eugene Harvey, 128; Thomas Gibbons and Willard Sanscrainte, 122; possible 216.

B&P Duplicate Wednesday morning -- North-south, George Bills and Harry Cheung, 102.5; Marianne Rindfleisch and Jacqueline Solomon, 86; east-west, Inge Gallant and Kevin Gervase, 92; Michael Kisiel and Vincent Pesce, 82.5; possible 168.

B&P Duplicate Friday morning -- North-south, Gisela Browne and Julie Fisher, 136; Bernardine Czarnecki and Thomas Gibbons, 118.5; east-west, Ann Holoyman and Bill Finkelstein, 136; Marion Morber and Margaret Miles, 118.5; Dorothy May and Ken Meier, 118.5; possible 216.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday morning -- North-south, Margaret Klamp and Betty Fudeman, 79; James Gullo and Rhoda Jacobs, 67; Jeanne Gladysz and Irving Jacobs, 62; east-west, Jill Wooldridge and Gerald Fried, 73; Alberta Brown and Dorothy Brenner, 63.5.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday evening -- North-south, Saleh Fetouh and William Rushmore, 119; John Kilmer and Gerald Fried, 118; Mary Jo Crone and Robert Feasley, 113; Elaine Universal and Teresa Fraas, 110.5; east-west, John Rose and Jay Costello 124; Jay Levy and William Bascom tied with Eugene Harvey and Judy Graf, 122.5; Bert Feasley and Richard Schad, 119.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday morning -- Jay Costello and Gerald Fried, 29; Carolyn Siracuse and Fran Kurtz, 28.5.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday evening -- Edith Knaszak and Janice O'Mara, 17; Elizabeth Murphy and Betty Flood, 13.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Friday morning -- Margaret Klamp and Jay Costello, 82.5; Stanley Kozlowski and Kevin Gervase, 79.5; Gerald Fried and Douglas Dean, 78; Nita Ferrell and Carolyn Siracuse, 77.5; Mary Davey-Carr and Rita Sierocinski, 74.5; Alberta Brown and Patricia Burns, 68.5; Brian Universal and John Kirsits, 66.5.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Friday evening -- Arthur Morth and William Rushmore, 80; Joan Rose and Randolph Seidenberg Jr., 77.5; Brian Mampe and Joe Peters tied with Jim Mathis and Margaret Klamp, 71.5; Kathy Pollock and Eugene Harvey, 71.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Saturday morning -- Elbert Hargesheimer and Christy Kellogg, 77.5; Jill and Powhatan Wooldridge, 75.5; Rhoda Jacobs and Jeanne Gladysz, 73.5; Irving Jacobs and Robert Feasley, 73; Robert Olin and Douglas Dean, 71.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Saturday afternoon -- Kevin Gervase and Warren O'Connell Jr., 56.5; Diane Jeffrey and John Bielinski, 45; Rita Sierocinski and Betty Bronstein, 43.

Canterbury Woods Duplicate Wednesday -- North-south, Jeanette Reid and Richard Munschauer, 61.5; east-west, Dorothea Sterne and Beverly Warren, 51.5; possible 270.

Clarence Senior Center Thursday -- Swiss. Carol and Norm Kirschner, 75; Frank Morabito and Bill Rogers, 58.

College Club Wednesday morning -- Howell. Clare Schultz and Mary Emily Wells, 34; Nina Kolbe and Mary O'Connor, 31.5; Mary Bertell and Betty Loucks, 29.5; possible 54.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North-south, Beverly Dale and Anne O'Connor, 72.5; east-west, Frank Belz and Dorothyt Kumrow, 79.5; possible 120.

Hamburg Senior Duplicate Monday night -- North-south, Linda and Paul Zittel; Ray Stoklosa and Enid Sweet; east-west, Mary Jo Crone and Marion Guglielmi tied with Roseann Stoklosa and Mary Schneider.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening (Oct. 12) -- North-south, Strat A: Mike Kisiel and Vince Pesce, 99.5; Strat B: Norma Gelose and Sandy Lechner, 94.5; east-west, Strat A: Kevin Gervase and Bob Linn, 101; Strat B: Jane Whitmore and Alex Miller, 71.5.

Sunday Dinner Bridge Club -- Norma Cook and Lavern Jenkins, 46; Rose Crosson and Margaret Smith tied with Ron and Edna Fill, 39.5.

Town of Tonawanda Senior Center Monday -- Ron Fill and Chuck Wolf, possible 50.

Town of Tonawanda Senior Center Wednesday -- North-south, Bob Rivard and Ethel Schippnick, 102.5; east-west, Paul Morgante and Lou Lombardi, 104.5; possible 168.

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