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Four gunmen abducted three U.S. citizens on a rural highway in southern Mexico, shot two of them to death and left the third -- a pregnant woman -- bound and gagged, authorities said Saturday.

Reynaldo Valdez, 22, of Houston, was traveling with Miami natives Ashley L. Diniger, 16, and Vanessa Burgos, 22, to visit his mother in Cutzamala de Pinzon.

The three had left Cutzamala de Pinzon late Thursday when a vehicle carrying four men forced their vehicle off the road near Tierra Caliente.

The gunmen put the Americans into a sedan without license plates, drove them to a nearby community and robbed them. The abductors later tried to sexually assault the two women, then shot and killed Valdez and Diniger, police said.

They spared the life of Burgos but tied her hands and feet and dumped her on the side of a road from a moving car. Burgos freed herself and contacted police. Her testimony led to the arrests Friday of four men.

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