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Wow! Gerhard Falk's Oct. 17 "My View" column trashed professors at American universities for a laundry list of alleged misconduct, including indoctrinating students, burning newspapers, fomenting religious bigotry, defending Osama bin Laden and even failing to invite conservatives to social events.

While some on the left can be as silly as the radical right, Falk's column did not provide a single piece of solid evidence supporting his wide-ranging accusations. Such broad, unsubstantiated swipes as, "A considerable number of professors, born in this country, now also teach students that the attack on the World Trade Center was our fault" better fit a Fox News reporter than a serious academic.

Many university faculty attempt to approach issues through the perspective of reason and empirical inquiry. Falk does not appear to fall into this group.

Scott T. Meier

Professor, University at Buffalo


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