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A scaled-down version of the Cattaraugus County Public Works Department's proposed 2005 capital improvements budget has been given the green light.

The list of proposed projects for roads, culverts and bridges totals $7.9 million, trimmed from the $9.3 million request submitted by public works staffers.

To finance the program, legislators will need to approve $4.1 million in municipal bonds to supplement the $2.4 million in available county funds and the $1.4 million expected under a highway improvement program.

Public Works Committee Chairman Elliott J. Ellis, Jr., D-Cattaraugus, reminded committee members who met Wednesday that the plan has no provision for bridge painting and maintenance.

If the program survives the budget process in its present form, the county would spend about $2.4 million for all bridge replacement, design and construction projects, with $905,000 from bond funds.

The plan lists $1.4 million for the county's share of six federally funded projects, including repair of the closed Irvine Mills bridge on Carrollton Road 24, and the bridge serving Cold Springs Road 12 and County Road 10, now restricted to a 20-ton weight limit.

Also set to receive attention early next year are bridges serving Carrollton Road 31, Limestone's Main Street, County Road 5 in Dayton and County Road 24 in Ischua.

Franklinville's Road 3/County Road 17 bridge replacement is on the list, but would not be funded under the plan, while the $400,000 cost of replacing the bridge on Eaton's Cross Road serving Allegany Road 10 would require a $360,000 bond passage.

The updated version of the 2005 Culvert Construction Program is actually higher than the department's original request at $932,125. If approved, a $100,000 county-funded cost will be bonded to construct a culvert on County Road 47 and Lyndon Road 12. That project was added to the three already requested on County Road 54 in Yorkshire, County Road 26 in Hinsdale and County Road 12. The county will also contribute $500,000 to culverts in Napoli and Humphrey, supplementing available funds with $440,000 in bonds.

The plan's highway construction, design and overlay portion of the budget adds up to $4.6 million, with $3.8 million to be supplied in bonds.

The plan was approved in committee and will be added to the overall budget draft, to be voted on Nov. 23.

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