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Since when has it become necessary to defend a good deed? I believe it all started when the nursery rhymes had to be "cleaned up" so the children wouldn't be frightened by big bad wolves and wicked stepmothers. It wiped out half the truth of our existence -- that there is evil in the world.

I read the original nursery rhymes to my children. They are a good way to teach children the difference between good and evil. However, there seems to be a generation now that never learned that there is evil in the world. If people forget where they came from, they will not long remain where they are. We have forgotten the terrible price that was paid for our freedom. We seem to feel no obligation to free others (Afghanistan and Iraq).

To say we shouldn't be in this war is to belittle the blessed men and women who are laying down their lives for their fellow men. That used to be a noble thing. What has happened to us? Could 9/1 1 have been a wake-up call for America to once again face reality?

Glenyce Woodard

Orchard Park

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