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President Bush's performance and policies should be the determining factor in whether or not to keep him in office.

As president, one of the first actions he took was to propose a tax cut that was the largest in our history. To justify this huge tax cut, he based it on an optimistic projection of President Bill Clinton's surplus over the next 10 years. Can any business, let alone our government, make such a projection over a 10-year period? I think not.

Some responsible members in Congress proposed a yearly trigger that would determine what the tax cut would be, based on the actual surplus. Bush, of course, would have none of this rational, responsible thinking. Since Bush has not had any surpluses and only record deficits, these triggers would have stopped the tax giveaway. I say "tax giveaway" because our government must borrow the money to pay for these tax cuts.

Who benefits from Bush tax cuts? The top tax bracket was reduced from 38.6 percent to 35 percent, a reduction of 3.6 percent. The remaining tax brackets were only reduced by 2 percent. If you don't believe me, reference the 2003 IRS 1040 instruction booklet, page 14, "What's New for 2003."

Now Bush wants another two years of tax cuts. Apparently a $422 billion deficit -- which doesn't cover the cost of the Iraq war -- has not affected his desire to give tax cuts to the rich.

Edward Amirian


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