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I filled out forms, waited for replies and received nothing, no call or letter, while trying to enroll my daughter in pre-kindergarten. The Buffalo school system's placement office informed me my daughter couldn't attend the closest school (School 64). School 64 is without a district? So how do you get in?

I was placed on a waiting list for school 65, and told to call back in a month. When I called, they hadn't received their numbers yet. What are her chances?, I asked. The woman laughed and said "probably nil."

Nice. Why have a list? Call back in another week. I was told they had no openings. Holy Angels Head Start was helpful, but unfortunately we didn't qualify. My husband works and we don't receive assistance. Nice incentive.

Mount St. Joseph Academy had an ad for a "tuition-free universal pre-K program" run in "collaboration with the Buffalo Public Schools." They were most helpful, but unfortunately the deadline was a few days past. Why didn't the placement office suggest this program?

This was my first and last foray into the Buffalo Public School system. If they can't organize a pre-K program I have serious doubts about their other abilities.

Michelle Mazur


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