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As a Democratic committeeman, I was disappointed when I originally learned that State Sen. Byron Brown hired Steve Pigeon and several of his cronies. But the news that the senator has fired Pigeon is oddly even more distressing. Brown first slotted Pigeon into a highly paid, taxpayer-funded job. Pigeon helped Brown build his political organization and win this year's primary. Now that Pigeon has served his purpose, Brown finds it expedient to get him off the public payroll.

Since it's probable that Brown was paying this veteran political maneuverer from public funds to advance his own interests, Pigeon's removal is no loss to the citizens of the state. But should it be viewed as anything more than old-time campaign jockeying and an attempt to remove a source of embarrassment? And what does it say about the senator's judgment that he hired this backroom broker in the first place?

George Sax


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