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1. What are the two colors of the flag of Indonesia?

2. Who wrote: "Nature is but another name for health, and the seasons are but different states of health"?

3. Provide the entertainment name of Brenda Mae Tarpley.

4. Joseph Stalin was premier of the Soviet Union from 1941-53, but he held another high post from 1922 to his death in '53. What was it?

5. The mayfly larva may live for several years. How long does the adult mayfly live?

6. A guitar usually has how many strings?

7. Is Venus closer to the sun than Earth's nearness to the sun?

8. "From Here to Eternity" was the 1953 Academy Award-winning movie. An Academy Award was also won by the picture's supporting actor. Name him.

9. How many putouts in an inning of baseball?

10. Microsoft is the largest computer software company. What firm is the next-largest in that field?

11. Eggs are one-quarter, half or three-quarters water?

1. The top half is red and the bottom half is white.

2. Henry Thoreau.

3. Brenda Lee.

4. General secretary of the Soviet Communist Party.

5. Several hours.

6. Six strings.

7. Yes.

8. Frank Sinatra.

9. Six (three by each club).

10. Oracle.

11. Three-quarters.