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Brian Higgins' ads deploring the loss of jobs to China and Mexico and blaming President Bush and County Comptroller Nancy Naples for that loss border on ridiculous. Those jobs are gone. The world's labor market makes those poorly paid manufacturing work forces available to all industrialists. Poor education, high property taxes and bloated government helped to push those jobs out of the area, too.

We need to work hard to reinvent ourselves. Reinventing our work force should be an issue. Reinventing primary, secondary and higher education also should be addressed, so our students can truly compete with Asia's fast-growing, highly trained work forces.

Reinventing our local and state governments must move forward. Civil service employees must understand that their jobs are, in fact, subject to the market, and not eternal entitlements. Services can be privatized, companies can shutter plants due to high property taxes and difficult decisions must be made to reinvent the way public services are provided. The public can't afford to accept "business as usual." Read Sunday's Buffalo News to learn who was married and where they will make their new homes.

David Schiller