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We hear repeatedly from the representatives of the Bush administration that removing Saddam Hussein was the "right thing to do." While there is no argument that removing Saddam did unseat a demonic dictator, I suggest that there were and still are many other "right things to do" that should take priority over this action in Iraq.

Bringing health care to the millions of our citizens who now go without it would have been the "right thing to do." So would fixing our ailing Social Security System, another high priority. Repairing our country's education system for our youngsters, on whom the future of our country rests, would also have been the "right thing to do." What priority should these issues receive?

Yes, removing Saddam was a "right thing to do, but it was done at the wrong time in the wrong way. There was no threat to our country -- we were misled. Now we must wonder how many "right things" won't get done. Let's address the really important issues now. Let's not waste any more of our warriors' lives and precious resources just to satisfy the needs of an arrogant, divisive leader.

Edmund J. Owczarzak

West Seneca

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