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The News recently published a story regarding Buffalo's consideration of a plan to replace Niagara Mohawk with a private firm to maintain the city's street lights. In response, Niagara Mohawk cited evidence that its level of service has improved over the past year. Specific reference was made to the improvement in the replacement of burned-out lights along the Kensington and Scajaquada expressways.

Really? On Oct. 8, I counted no less than 30 non-functioning street lights along a short section of the Kensington. This is an improvement?

The simple truth is that Niagara Mohawk continues to overburden this already overtaxed populace with some of the highest electricity rates in the country. In return, we get unacceptably low levels of customer service. This must change. Niagara Mohawk needs to demonstrate that it can regularly maintain the street lights in the city. If it cannot do that, it should be replaced by a company that can -- perhaps by one that might even save us some money at the same time.

Jeffrey Renzoni


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