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1. What was the name of Abraham Lincoln's oldest son?

2. Above what city does Lookout Mountain rise?

3. Lou Henry was which U.S. President's wife?

4. What is another way to spell "czar"?

5. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland in what country?

6. What is a 20-game winner in baseball?

7. In the card game of poker, which is the more difficult hand to draw -- a flush or a straight?

8. What is the leading gold-producing country?

9. An ammunition belt worn over one shoulder and across the chest is a b________.

10. Is the word "unique" an adjective or an adverb?

1. Robert Todd Lincoln.

2. Chattanooga, Tennessee.

3. Herbert Hoover's.

4. Tzar.

5. Australia.

6. A pitcher who wins 20 games or more during one regular season.

7. A flush is twice as difficult to get as a straight.

8. South Africa, with the United States second and Australia third.

9. "Bandoleer."

10. Adjective.

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