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What to look for:
Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards today will launch a whirlwind Boston-to-Seattle tour, traveling by bus, boat and train through some of the most competitive states in this election. Their journey will coincide with a travel blitz by President Bush, who will use his trip to outline highlights of his second-term agenda.

Political skinny:
Kerry, an enigmatic figure who came of age fighting in the Vietnam War, sought in his acceptance speech to convince the American people that he is strong and resolute enough to lead a fractured nation again at war.

Bush's GOP surrogates, led by former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, kept up their weeklong criticism of the Kerry-Edwards ticket.

Three days of relative calm in the streets yielded to some noisy protests.

Who's talking:
"R is for reverse. And D is for drive. America, we must get out of reverse and move into drive. The leadership team of John Kerry and John Edwards is the perfect vehicle to move us forward." Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida

An alternative view:
"Illinois senatorial candidate Barack Obama, he's the new rising star of the Democratic Party. He gave the keynote address at the Democratic convention. When they told President Bush about Obama, Bush said, 'Isn't that the guy we can't find? Why don't we grab him? He was right there!'" -- Jay Leno

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