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Take twin brothers and a bear cub and put them together, and what do you have? In the case of the DIRT-sanctioned stock car racing at Genesee Speedway, you have the JMR Young Guns Racing Team, which at times has dominated the Street Stock class that runs Saturday night at the Batavia dirt oval.

As Genesee enters its last month Saturday following its annual week off to host the Genesee County Fair, 21-year-old twins Ron and Rich Mogavero Jr. along with their cousin and teammate J.J. "The Cub" Mazur are looking to cap a fine season.

The Mogavero twins have each won twice while the consistent Mazur, though winless, leads the Genesee Street Stock point standings by 18 over Ron Mogavero.

"All three of us are in our second year of racing and last year I was the only one of the three of us to win a race at Genesee," said Ron Mogavero. "It's fun racing against my brother and J.J. but it's also totally different racing against them because you know that they respect me and won't try to wreck me."

Twice this season, the trio has almost pulled off a 1-2-3 sweep. Only bad late race luck has prevented it.

"Earlier this year, Rich was leading and J.J. was second," Ron Mogavero said. "I was running third and trying to keep the rest of the field behind us. I got a flat tire with one lap to go and finished fourth.

"Three weeks ago, I won the race and J.J. was second. Rich was running third but ended up dropping to fourth late. So we've been close to the sweep."

While there has been triumph for the team this season, there also was near tragedy. A few weeks ago, the twins' father, Rich Mogavero Sr., suffered a heart attack at the track.

"We came in after running the heat races and we were working on the cars for the feature when my dad said he wasn't feeling good," Ron Mogavero recalled. "He sat down and a few minutes later we realized he was having a heart attack. We wanted to go with him to the hospital but as he was being loaded into the ambulance he told us to stay, have fun and do the best we could in the race.

"We did what he said and went out to race and it was real hard to do because I could only think of him. I went on and won the race and then went to the hospital."

The elder Mogavero suffered several more heart attacks that night, but was released from the hospital a few days later and is doing fine, according to Ron Jr.

Meanwhile, Rich has had his share of ups and downs. Two weeks into Genesee's season, he was rear-ended and had to replace the entire back section of his car.

He came out and won his first race of the year just two weeks later. Shortly thereafter, a frightening accident almost derailed his entire season.

"I was leading with two laps to go and I got shoved from behind and started spinning sideways," Rich said. "The car caught a rut and I barrel-rolled six times. I remember how the accident started and I remember getting out of the car because it caught fire but I don't remember anything about the barrel rolls.

"The car was destroyed and we had to rebuild a new car in just four days. We did it with a lot of extra help from a lot of people and I went out the very next week and won. I was just hoping to get back on the track but I never thought we would win."

If Rich Mogavero is to finish the season strong, he will have to rise from adversity a third time as he blew up his engine at Genesee's last event and has had to put a new Gavenda Engines power plant in the car for Saturday.

Mazur is the 16-year-old son of veteran racer Jim "Teddy Bear" Mazur. He got his start racing family members around the team shop with a Go-Kart when he was 5 years old.

"They started calling me 'The Cub' because of my dad's nickname," said the younger Mazur. "I haven't won yet. I believe that I will before this season is over. I've learned that there is a lot of responsibility with racing. Wins are nice but you have to have consistency.

"My dad has been a great help to all three of us. I started building a race car first and then they got their cars and we started together. I hope I can hold the point lead and win the championship."

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