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Love ordered to rehab ...
Courtney Love was sentenced to 18 months in drug rehab, closing one chapter in a troubled saga that began when she was accused of trying to break into her ex-boyfriend's home while high on cocaine.

The sentence, from Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia M. Schnegg, requires the rocker to undergo frequent drug testing but bars her from taking non-prescription drugs, drinking alcohol or being in places that serve alcohol. "I have to stop drinking. That's funny," Love said outside court, firing up a cigarette. "I think I can do it."

The 40-year-old widow of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain was arrested in October after she tried to break into the home of former manager and boyfriend Jim Barber. Authorities said cocaine and other opiates were found in her system. A series of charges followed: possessing illegal painkillers, assault, reckless endangerment, attacking someone with a liquor bottle. Then there were escapades like strange courtroom statements, allowing herself to be photographed with her nipple in a stranger's mouth and flashing her breasts on David Letterman's TV show.

It's in the genes ...
We knew Jessica Simpson's little sister Ashlee was a talented gal, but the New York Post blew our minds with this quantification of that talent: At the release party for her new CD, "Autobiography," Ash disclosed that she can "burp her ABCs." "When I burp the alphabet, my favorite letter is G," she says. "It is an open consonant and it is at the beginning when my wind is strong. I can really push it."

Order of protection ...
Pop star Justin Timberlake has obtained a restraining order in Santa Monica, Calif., against a photographer who has been chasing him around in a car.

"It's about time that somebody did something about these stalkerazzis," said Timberlake's publicist Ken Sunshine, referring to photographers who tail celebrities' cars. "Unless somebody has the guts to carry this through legally, somebody's going to get killed through these chases."

The singer has also filed a lawsuit in a London court against the British tabloid News of the World, which reported the singer cheated on his girlfriend, actress Cameron Diaz, with British model Lucy Clarkson, Sunshine said. "Justin never met the woman in question, and we are confident a lot of money will be won for a wonderful charity when we win this case."

Ewan's biking blunder ...
Ewan McGregor recently encountered a frightening situation as he neared the end of his marathon motorcycle trek -- he got stuck in a muddy river, reports

The "Moulin Rouge" star, who embarked on the 20,000-mile global journey with friend Charlie Boorman on April 14, was biking through Mongolia when the scary incident happened.

McGregor writes on the Web site Ridernews.Net, "It was so rainy and muddy that we couldn't get anywhere -- we just kept getting stuck and falling off. The worst bit of the whole trip so far, though, was when I fell off in a river ... and hit a massive boulder hidden underwater. Luckily, as the bike began to fall I hit the kill switch, stopping the engine before it sucked in water. When we dragged it out of the river, it was fine."

The epic motorbike journey is being filmed for a seven-part documentary series, "Long Way Round," and ends in New York later this week.

Whoopi and the DNC ...
There's jabber that comedian Whoopi Goldberg has been banned from speaking at the Democratic hoedown. The New York Daily News says the Democratic National Committee asked her to stay away because of the brouhaha she caused by making dirty anti-Bush jokes at a recent fund-raiser for Sen. John Kerry in New York. And's "The Scoop" reports Goldberg also canceled a scheduled Monday appearance on ABC's morning gabfest "The View," for the same reason.

Her representative, Brad Cafarelli, tells the Daily News she was invited to the convention but decided to "go on vacation" instead.

For teens only ...
Who better to preside over such awards as "Choice Hissy Fit" and "Choice Liplock" than celebutants Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie?

The stars of the Fox reality show, "The Simple Life 2," will host the 2004 Teen Choice Awards, to be taped Aug. 8 for airing Aug. 11, Fox announced Tuesday. The awards will include "Choice Movie Your Parents Didn't Want You to See."

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