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I would like to thank all the people involved in building and investing in affordable housing for our senior citizens. I have visited many of these complexes, and they are truly beautiful, with every attempt at comfort for those people 55 and older.

However, I have a suggestion for the people that make the rules in developing these complexes. Many seniors have pets that they are asked to get rid of if they want to live in this type of housing. Many of these people are giving up the family home and their family treasures to make this kind of change in their lives, which is emotionally wrenching. To have to give up a family pet makes this change all the more difficult. Chances are, these are older pets and unadoptable because of their age. Asking seniors to choose between their pets -- that probably would have to be euthanized -- and a new home presents a terrible choice.

How about grandfathering these little dogs and cats into the lease until they pass away, or take a bigger security deposit from the tenant? That would be a truly humane way of handling this problem.

Mimi Brownstein


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