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It is apparent, now that they have completed their college education, that the daughters of the president will devote their time to their father's re-election campaign. While their father will talk of patriotism and calls upon Americans to sacrifice in order to defend their way of life, the Bush sisters concern themselves with appearing in Vogue magazine.

Instead, why don't they show support for the war in Iraq by joining a branch of the U.S. military. Or, they can follow in their father's footsteps by joining the National Guard.

How supportive of the war effort the American public would be if the President announced that his own daughters were willing to do what he has asked other 22 year olds, male and female, to do. That is, to disrupt their personal lives and risk death in order to fight the war on terrorism.

Or, is it that much easier to fight a war and tell Americans that we must sacrifice our sons and daughters when it's someone else's children who are sent off to foreign lands?

Mike Injaychock


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