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NeXt runs a Q&A with an area high school student every week. If you'd like to be interviewed for this feature, send a recent picture along with your name, school and phone number or e-mail address and we'll have someone interview you. Pictures should be mailed to NeXt/Buffalo News/P.O. Box 100, Buffalo NY 14240.

Name: Laura Leigh Schroeder

School: JFK High School (Class of 2004)

What's your favorite song?

Probably right now, "Something to be Proud of" by Montgomery Gentry!

Favorite movie:

"Remember the Titans," and all the "Mighty Ducks" Movies!

Most prized possession:

Probably all of the scrapbooks that I have made in the past couple of years, with all of the great memories of all my friends!

Favorite car:

I've grown up at Holland Speedway since I was about 7... so it would probably be more of a racing answer and my favorite NASCAR driver would have to be Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Favorite vacation spot:

The Kinzua Dam every summer with my best friends waterskiing and camping.


I am going to Keuka College this fall, majoring in elementary special ed with a concentration in American Sign Language. I hope to some day be an influence like teachers I had in elementary school.

If you could be any person for one day, who would it be?

I would want to be someone with a huge family, with tons of siblings. I hate being an only child!

If I had $1 million:

I would probably take my favorite family members and friends to Disney World.

Favorite color:


Most embarrassing moment:

Probably when I went to Keuka a couple of weeks ago, for placement exams and the ground was slippery and on a slope.. and I had on flip flops.. and totally wiped out! but there weren't too many people around! Thank god!

One word to describe yourself: Emotional.

Last band you saw perform live: Montgomery Gentry last summer at Buffalo Hill Village in Varysburg

If you could participate on any reality TV show it would be: "Big Brother"!

If you could get any tattoo, it would be of:

I am so afraid of needles ... so I would never even think of a tattoo!

Favorite beverage:

A three-way tie between Dr. Pepper, lemonade and water.

Biggest influence:

A lot of teachers my senior year! especially Mrs. Mattison.

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