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Carlos Alvarado and Mercedes Fuentes.

Armonde M. Badger and Elizabeth R. Hesson.

Oscar Baez Camacho and Maria D. Agosto.

Chad M. Banas and Debby L. Hoage.

Alphonse M. Borkowski Jr. and Shannon M. Luczak.

David L. Bowers and Charlene M. Evans.

Darnell A. Brantely and Yoshi C. Williams.

Andrew G. Brayman and Kristy L. Randolph.

Randy Brown and Reynelda M. Babb.

Thomas P. Carey Sr. and Michelle L. Johnson.

Donald F. Ciresi and Gulnara R. Luchnikova.

Joseph P. Colantuono and Evelia Enderes.

Sherman Devers Jr. and Jennifer R. Hamilton.

Delano D. Dowell and Monique L. Bell.

Roger W. Durant and Barbara A. Urbanczyk.

Albert J. Evans Jr. and Doris Smith.

Zacharee R. Franczyk and Jessica L. Freitag.

Arcadio Gonzalez and Kristina Brkljac.

Juan Carlos Hernandez Rivera and Aliz S. Morales Hernandez.

Jeffrey W. Hopper and Jennifer L. Boris.

Thomas A. Hosking and Beata B. Borkowska.

Dewayne L. Jackson and Daviene L. Warren.

John C. Jacobs and Jennifer L. Malanowski.

Jamal N. Johnson and Tharcia L. McClain.

Leonid A. Khinkis and Oxana Pryluts'ka.

Allan M. Leeper and Starlett S. Wilson.

Randy W. Mcdowell and Jillian R. Hansen.

Steven A. McEntire and Chaka N. Felder.

Timothy Paul Mondello and Kathleen E. St. Martin.

Joseph A. Morgante Jr. and Heather L. Fischer.

Philip D. Nobel and Nicole E. Buscaglia.

Charles C. Parker III and Makeesha D. Short.

Michael A. Peters and Renee M. Grandy.

Michael J. Peters and Tina L. Terranova.

Mark Ragin and Annette L. Christian.

Jonathan Rath and Cathryn M. Steffan.

Hershel Richardson II and Stephanie A. Hassan.

Charles T. Righetti and Jennifer Lee Balser.

Richard W. Rittling and Lauren C. Pilarz.

John Roberts III and Annette M. Thomas.

Jose A. Sanabria and Sunny M. Danaher.

Charles J. Thomas Jr. and Toya M. Richey.

Mats R Utberg and Angela Marie Tillman.

Li'Aaron Shonki White and Kellie E. Colvin.

Odell Wilkins and Michele N. Faircloth.

Gerald Williams and Dennise L. Lowe.

Ralph David Zinkham and Erin L. Prohaska.

Luis P. Acosta and Tanya L. Santiago.

Edgar Arellano and Amy M. Metzger.

Vernon T. Arrington and Renee M. Walls.

James M. Barco and Diane M. Thornton.

Daniell L. Branch and Glenda Moore-Ross.

Joshua P Carnrite and Erica A Richter.

Salvatore Joseph Casuccio III and Tiffany J Semenow.

Kevin C. Clarke and Annette Green.

Henry Craig Jr. and Cindy Craig.

Boris W. Crymes and Sherri Leah Givens.

Chad J Dulkiewicz and Kristin Louise Wacker.

Piotr Gladysz and Jessica H Katrein.

Daryl W. Hill and Heather L. Kuhns.

Peter J. Howell and Jennifer Jane Hellriegel.

Adam W. Howitt and Cara L. O'Connor.

Richard M. Jarosz and Kristen M. Marschner.

Donnie L. Jennings and Sabrina R Marshall.

Roger W. Jozwiak and Virginia R. Schofield.

Peter M. Kooshoian and Molly N. Richards.

Lyle E Lascelle and Linda L Batycki.

Stanley D. Leach and Danielle L. Mersinger.

David D. Lopp and Kristen K. Algoe.

Christopher T Martin and Tanya R Kramer.

Shawn T. McCoy and Denise Krajewski.

Clarence Middlebrook III and Lakita T. Reeves.

Ronnie Lanier Moore and Rita E Fraiser.

Elliott L. Morales and Natasha L. Fuentes.

Bryan K. Morgan and Cynthia L Glenn.

Christian H. Murdoch and Heather Talty.

Clarence Norman Jr. and Vernice S. Williams.

Matthew James Pelc and Bethany G. Potter.

Scott D. Pflanz and Ginalouise Palermo.

Cortez A. Phillips and Ladacia Washington.

Arnold T Pietrzak and Catherine C Todaro.

Hiram Rosado Jr. and Guelmary Rosa.

Edwin S. Sanchez and Deidrylis Medina.

Timothy P. Seguin and Christine Schumacher.

John D. Sharpe and Jennifer Lynn Doyle.

Rajeev M. Sood and Stacey Skierczynski.

Michael J. Volker Jr. and Melanie C. Schwartz.

Daniel S Wachowicz and Aimee M Morgan.

Jermell T. Washington Sr. and Catherine P. Czanderna.

Robert E. Williams III and Andrea Y. Johnson.

Michael Wolowski and Natalie T Bollman.

John Daryl Wood and Mary E. Grant.

Jesse B. Baldwin and Maria D. Palmisano.

Melvin J. Barinas and Alicia E. Baez.

Keith C. Bess Sr. and Kimberlie J. Leavy.

Frank L. Bridges and Kimberly E. Parker.

Byron V. Brown and Latisa L. Hall.

Charles J. Brown and Sonia D. Coleman.

Edward L. Brown and Brenda S. Koprowski.

Todd L. Brown and Mary M. Zoratti.

Lamar C. Caldwell and Tiffanie S. Williams.

Daniel L. Cardona and Lillian Draganac.

Robert Wilson Clark Jr. and Joanette Renee Mobley.

Juan Cruz and Dawn S. Hoskin.

Aaron M. Csicseri and Victoria G. Ovitt.

Edward R. Degnan and Kimberly A. Fitzsimmons.

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