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1. The 10 largest-producing coal mines in the United States are in what state?

2. To what does the "four" refer in the term "coach and four"?

3. What does the word "inalienable" mean?

4. What is the sequel to the movie "Summer of '42"?

5. Baseball "twin-bills" are infrequent these days. What are they?

6. What Pacific Ocean island, between South America and Australia, is 18 square miles in size and had a 2003 population of 47?

7. In Scandinavian mythology, who were the Valkyries?

8. What does "Venezuela" mean in Spanish?

9. The United Nations Security Council consists of how many member countries?

10. Is it true or false that a size 8 shoe is about half an inch longer than a size 7 shoe?

1. Wyoming. All are surface mines.

2. Horses which pull the coach.

3. That which cannot be taken away.

4. "Class of '44."

5. Double-headers, primarily with a single admission price.

6. Pitcairn Island.

7. Nine maidens who attended on Odin, chief of the gods.

8. Little Venice.

9. Fifteen, of which five are permanent and the other 10 nations change

every two years.

10. False, it is about 5/1 6ths of an inch longer.