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The British Broadcasting Corp. is planning live Web coverage of the Summer Olympics from Athens beginning Aug. 13. "We will be maximizing our rights deal to provide video coverage for U.K. broadband users," Aashish Chandarana, broadband project manager for BBC Sports Interactive, told Wired news.

In particular, the BBC's sports Web site will feature a live video simulcast from the Beeb's broadcasts. Chandarana realizes his largest potential audience will be at work. "When people go home, they're not going to watch the Olympics on the Internet. They're going to watch it on TV," he said, according to Wired.

In the United States, the Olympics rights holder NBC will not stream the games live but will offer video highlights on Evan Silverman, executive producer for the Web site, said the General Electric subsidiary is "taking a huge step forward in showing competitive footage online for the first time." He said no video will be available until after NBC has completed its telecast of the event.

Help with viruses

Dell has posted a Web page to help computer users get rid of viruses and spyware and spam.

The page ( does not, however, offer free tools to kill the problems. Rather, there are links to Symantec, America Online and Sunbelt Software, where help is available for a fee.

Dell said 20 percent of calls to its consumer help lines are related to spyware and viruses.

-- CBS MarketWatch