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8 PM on Channel 29

The Simpsons

The wrongly reported death of Mr. Burns (voice of Harry Shearer) unleashes a wave of critical stories about him in "Fraudcast News." Burns tries to reverse the tide by buying up all Springfield media, prompting Lisa (voice of Yeardley Smith) to start her own newspaper and expose Burns' planting of suddenly positive articles about him. (TVPG)62090

8 PM on Channel 49


The legendary Headless Horseman, who relieved others of their craniums during his original reign of terror, returns via black magic in "The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell." Piper, Phoebe and Paige (Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan) are enlisted to cut his comeback short. Phoebe also gets a view of the future and learns the truth about Chris (Drew Fuller). (TVPG)5456274


Primal Scream

You may not want to go near the water, or even near your TV set, as the channel's annual "Shark Week" begins. First up is this account of underwater photographer Valerie De La Valdene's terrifying experience alone at sea off the Galapagos Islands - alone, that is, except for the sharks that encircled her. She eventually swam three miles through danger to reach shore; here, she returns to the site of her horrific ordeal.104485


Crimes of Fashion

Kaley Cuoco moonlights from the series "8 Simple Rules" to star in this new comedy movie as a would-be fashion designer who suddenly inherits a lot of responsibilities. Her grandfather's death reveals he was an underworld boss, who bequeathed his empire to her. She relies on his top aide (Dominic Chianese, "The Sopranos") to help her turn the family business into a legitimate venture that will fuel her own dreams.442729


The Italian Job

Honor among thieves goes only so far in director F. Gary Gray's ("The Negotiator") energetic 2003 update of a 1969 heist tale. Mark Wahlberg plays the mastermind behind a Venice gold robbery that goes like clockwork - until one team member (Edward Norton) turns traitor. The others are determined to even the score in Los Angeles, where several small, very speedy cars are pivotal to the plan. Charlize Theron also stars.14776274

9 PM on Channel 17


British police Detective Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen) is unsettled by his military-pilot son's (Julian Ovenden) possible connection to an illegal, fuel-related scheme in "Among the Few," the second episode of the new miniseries "Foyle's War II." Foyle's driver, Sam (Honeysuckle Weeks), goes under cover to learn what she can from the inside - with murder and allegations of sexual hijinks resulting. (TVPG)20038

9 PM on HBO

Six Feet Under

Two vastly different events are staged at the funeral home on the same night in the new episode "Terror Starts at Home." David (Michael C. Hall) doesn't know how to respond to the outpouring of sympathy directed toward him. Nate (Peter Krause) finds a surprising shelter. Claire (Lauren Ambrose) takes a trip with her artistic peers. Ruth (Frances Conroy) is annoyed with George (James Cromwell). (TVMA) HDTV483941

10 PM on ABC

The Days

Victory in a national writing contest gains Cooper (Evan Peters) a new admirer (guest star Courtnee Draper), a friend of Natalie (Laura Ramsey), in the new episode "Day 1,403." Jack (David Newsom) isn't sure what his next professional move should be. Abby (Marguerite MacIntire) isn't comfortable about her new co-worker (guest star Christopher Shyer), who happens to be an ex-boyfriend of hers. HDTV41477