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8 PM on Channel 11 and
Channel 29

North Shore

There are worse places to spend time than Hawaii, even if you're just a TV character in a series like this. The pilot episode of the drama introduces the staff of a posh hotel in the islands, including the guest-relations chief (Brooke Burns, "Dog Eat Dog") and her ex-boyfriend (Kristoffer Polaha, "America's Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story") - the resort's general manager. James Remar ("Sex and the City") also stars. (TV14)42171, 45143

8 PM on Channel 17

Democratic National Convention

The presidential election season takes a big step forward as this event begins in Boston. Jim Lehrer and many of the correspondents from "NewsHour" provide coverage as Democrats unite to anoint their candidate - who, unless something hugely unforeseen occurs, will be Sen. John Kerry. Expect some supportive celebrities to take the podium over the four-day course of the gathering. (Other networks also will offer coverage.)640084

9 PM on ABC

According to Jim

A voyage aboard a Disney cruise-line ship figures into Part 1 of "When You Wish to Be a Star." Ad-agency employee Dana (Kimberly Williams) recruits Cheryl (Courtney Thorne-Smith) and the children to play most of a "perfect" family in an ad for Disney cruises - but Jim (Jim Belushi) is bypassed, with an actor (guest star Ingo Rademacher, "General Hospital") cast as the husband and father instead. (TVPG) HDTV54404



This 1953 classic Western depicts the changing American frontier of the late 1800s, when cattle ranchers and homesteaders competed for land. Alan Ladd stars as Shane, a former gunfighter who befriends a homesteader's family and defends them against a ruthless cattle baron. Filmed in Wyoming, the movie won an Oscar for best color cinematography. Jean Arthur, Van Heflin and Walter Jack Palance (alias Jack Palance) also star.2822620

9 PM on TBS

Blast From the Past

Often alternating between humor, drama and adventure, Brendan Fraser opts for laughs again in this 1999 comedy. He plays a young man who gets considerable culture shock after emerging from a bomb shelter where he was raised by his parents (Sissy Spacek, Christopher Walken). He seeks lessons in modern life from a very contemporary young woman (Alicia Silverstone). (TV14)4571572

9 PM on TLC

Body Work

From the world of nipping and tucking comes this new documentary about doctors and nurses who cater to plastic-surgery clients in Los Angeles and Miami. The program features interviews with those who perform the operations, including Dr. Mark Moni. (TVPG)851959