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6:30 PM on TOON

Teen Titans

Starfire (voice of Hynden Walch) unknowingly undergoes puberty in "Transformation." She starts noticing her body sprouting different things - such as horns, claws and scales. Fearing her friends will not accept her as a hideous monster, Star runs away. Moving from planet to planet, she is rejected by everyone - until she reaches the final place. (TVY7)1574634


Addams Family Values

Satirist Paul Rudnick ("In & Out") wrote this hilariously subversive 1993 sequel to the 1991 comedy about the creepy, kooky clan. Gomez and Morticia (Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston) take in a nanny, not realizing she's a serial killer with designs on Uncle Fester (Christopher Lloyd). (TVPG)742721

8 PM on Channel 29

The Bernie Mac Show

When her parents (guest stars Steve Williams and Janet Hubert) pay a visit, Wanda (Kellita Smith) asks Bernie (Bernie Mac) to be more charitable toward her financially troubled dad in "Make Room for Caddy." Flashbacks reveal why the two men haven't gotten along ever since Wanda and Bernie began dating. (TVPG)31127

8 PM on Channel 49

What I Like About You

Holly (Amanda Bynes) tries to make Vince (Nick Zano) jealous by dating another man (guest star Tommy Dewey) in "Lunar Eclipse of the Heart." Her new beau happens to be the boss of Gary (Wesley Jonathan), who fears he'll lose his job over the situation. Val (Jennie Garth) gets a job offer from a prestigious public relations firm. (TVPG) HDTV9047382


The Cheetah Girls

This 2003 movie, based on "The Cheetah Girls" series of books by Deborah Gregory, is executive-produced by Debra Martin Chase and Whitney Houston. The focus is on four New York teens (Raven, Sabrina Bryan, Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams) who form a singing group. Along the way, they navigate fashion, boys and family. Lynn Whitfield, Kyle Schmid and Sandra Caldwell co-star. (TVG)569011

8 PM on TBS

The Mask of Zorro

Don Diego de la Vega, aka the mysterious Zorro, passes the mask and cape to a younger man in this 1998 action drama. With his old nemesis - the evil Don Rafael (Stuart Wilson) - preparing to buy California from Mexico, an aging Don Diego (Anthony Hopkins) handpicks urchin-turned-bandit Alejandro (Antonio Banderas) to train as his successor. Catherine Zeta-Jones makes her mark as Don Rafael's adopted daughter. (TV14)957108

8 PM on TCM

Forbidden Planet

The science-fiction classic that introduced the world to Robby the Robot, this 1956 fantasy repositions Shakespeare's "The Tempest" in a futuristic environment. A dead-serious Leslie Nielsen plays a spaceship commander dispatched from Earth to learn what happened to the residents of the planet Altair-4. He finds two survivors, a scientist and his daughter (Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis) - plus an invisible monster.3738924