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What do morning radio and serving doughnuts have in common?

Not much at all, and that's why NeXt thought it would be fun to have 19-year-old Krispy Kreme employee Brianna Jeffords and KISS-98.5 morning personality Janet Snyder switch jobs for a day -- or at least for an hour.

The concept was simple: Jeffords would trade her Krispy Kreme cap and uniform to co-host the morning program from 6:30 to 7:20 a.m. and Snyder would work the drive-thru, and dip and sprinkle doughnuts at the Niagara Falls Boulevard store from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m.

The phys-ed major arrived at 500 Corporate Parkway around 6:15 a.m. last Tuesday, and shortly before she was to hit the airwaves, Jeffords told NeXt she thought Snyder would do fine at Krispy Kreme. "I think she'll be OK," Jeffords said. "She'll definitely be able to handle it."

KISS staffers, on the other hand, said it simply couldn't be done. "No, no, Janet's not used to doing real work," joked morning show producer Wease. "Our job's easy."

Program Director Dave Universal got in on some of the light-hearted trash-talking as well. "Janet's biggest difficulty is getting the concept of hard work," he said. "To actually understand the structure of having a boss and having to answer to people higher up with not as bad of an attitude is the biggest thing Janet's going to have to get used to. She will be nice to them (the people), but she probably won't get the order right, you know?"

Snyder's co-host Nicholas Picholas was relatively sure she'd do all right, as long as nobody got too close when she was pouring coffee. "I think perhaps this is one of the greatest days in broadcasting ever," Picholas said. "I think she'll handle it just fine. She's a multi-tasker and multitalented. But, is the coffee hot? I wouldn't stand around unless you want hot coffee all over your arm."

At 6:30 the program was turned over to Jeffords and while the Krispy Kreme employee was noticeably more nervous when the mic came on for the first time, she got increasingly more comfortable as the hour wore on. With a little help from Janet, Nick and Wease, Brianna did nearly everything Snyder would do during the course of her four-hour show.

From answering phones, to picking out material to talk about during her hour, to talking with Wease and the Pickle, to putting songs on, Jeffords handled the job with grace-under-fire.

At the beginning of her hour, Jeffords had the chance to do a little interview with the morning crew. Among the questions she asked was one many Western New Yorkers are probably wondering about: Just how much do Snyder and Picholas get paid? Responding with only "Enough," the morning co-hosts didn't let that cat out of the bag, but did answer her other questions.

She got to do some of the job's more repetitive and less rewarding tasks as well. The "Concert Window" opened up during her half hour, and Jeffords had to get to the 98th caller to tell them they had won. Of course, the only way to get to the 98th caller is by telling the first 97 callers they have lost and to try getting through again. "Hi, Kiss, you're caller one," Jeffords said. "Hi, Kiss, you're caller two." She got to the mid-60s before Wease took over for her and told the last 30 people to try calling back while Brianna continued talking with the Pickle.

The hour came to a close and Brianna's time on the radio was done. While she says she liked the position, it didn't come without some surprises. "Everything moves so quickly," she said. "I didn't realize everything was all in order. I thought they just did it as they went along. The most difficult part is to not stutter or slur your words and to read the right thing. Overall, it was fun and I love it."

Picholas and Snyder gave their temporary co-host high marks, too. "Brianna is great," Picholas said. "I would open up a chair anytime for Brianna on this show."

"I was impressed at how she came in and how she wasn't afraid to talk and speak her opinion," Snyder said. "She was outgoing. When you see the microphone, people tend to be really quiet."

At 7:30, Snyder, who had spoken earlier in the day about her coffee skills, was now going to have to prove to her KISS co-workers that she could indeed do what they referred to as "hard work" and handle the new job.

While there were a couple minor flubs, including Snyder dropping money on the ground at the drive-thru, for the most part she excelled and was able to go back to the station with her head held high.

She had done "hard work." She had dipped and sprinkled doughnuts, put some of the hot "original glazed" doughnuts in a box (although squishing them slightly), and talked -- and talked and talked -- to customers at the drive-thru.

The easiest part for Snyder was, not surprisingly, chatting with customers who had come to get a morning coffee, doughnut or just catch a glimpse of her working the drive-thru.

Her favorite part? "The drive-thru was awesome. I like the little push with-your-hip thing to open the window."

Although Snyder did what she needed to do for the hour, the radio host who once had a job scooping ice cream said she wasn't sure whether she was ready to hang up her mic for a job at the doughnut store.

"This is hard work," Snyder said. "I don't think I can handle this. I was trying to get the doughnuts off of the conveyor belt and I had to kind of push them in a little bit and apparently that's not the technique Krispy Kreme is looking for. I think the manager Dave thought I was an employee and fired me, but that's OK, I'm going to keep trying. This is hard, Brianna does a good job here."

By around 8:30 a.m., Brianna was back working the drive-thru and Snyder had returned to her post as morning show host.

Jason Torreano will be a sophomore at Brockport State College.

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