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1. What is the former name of the country of Myanmar? It has a population of almost 50 million.

2. Waters of Lake Huron flow into which other Great Lake?

3. A hexastich is a poem or stanza of how many lines?

4. Who wrote the fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling"?

5. Which mountain range forms the boundary between France and Italy?

6. Identify the "Green Mountain Boys."

7. The company filming Elvis Presley's movie "King Creole" in late 1957 asked for a two-month delay in inducting Presley into military service so he could complete the picture. Name the movie company.

8. Does a sponge ever grow above the water?

9. Don Hutson was a star receiver for what National Football League team?

10. How many billion equal one trillion?

11. What is the "Garden State"?

12. Who was television's "Uncle Miltie"?

13. Alaska has five, 10 or 20 percent as much area as the other 49 states combined?

1. Burma.

2. Lake Erie.

3. Six lines.

4. Hans Christian Andersen.

5. Alps.

6. They were Vermont militia prominent in the Revolutionary War period.

7. Paramount Pictures.

8. No.

9. Green Bay Packers.

10. A thousand billion.

11. New Jersey.

12. Milton Berle.

13. Twenty percent.

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