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The popular maps-and-directions site MapQuest also has undergone a face lift, this one for the better.

In addition to a cleaner look, the site's new home page ( now lets you search for any business, such as a restaurant, museum or gas station, without having to know its address.

First click on a tab to choose a business category, such as coffee; then type in a city and state or Zip code to get a list of every coffeehouse around. Or you can search by a name, such as Ben & Jerry's.

The integrated search technology might kick out a few irrelevant results (turns out there are people named Starbucks; also, the search results include every matching establishment within 25 miles), but for the most part it's quite good.

And with one click on a listing, you get a map.

The results pages also include sponsored links -- clearly marked along the lines of Google's old look.

-- Washington Post

Osama Web sighting

An Arkansas state government Web site distributed dozens of videos featuring Osama bin Laden, Islamic jihadist anthems and terrorist speeches last weekend, according to the Washington Post. A spokesman said the files on the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department were removed after a CNN reporter made an inquiry about them being on the site.

Sources said they were uploaded to an FTP server last week.

-- CBS MarketWatch

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