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The family of Nikita Burt Jr., 21, of Mortimer Street, who said he was beaten by five security guards during a melee at the Groove nightclub on Pearl Street early Friday morning, say they plan to file a lawsuit against the club because of the incident.

Meanwhile, club owner Sean Spurlock contended Sunday that he plans to file charges against Burt, claiming that he struck one of the security men with a champagne bottle.

Burt was treated in Erie County Medical Center for facial fractures, black eyes and several facial bruises, and received 13 staples on the back of his head.

Burt's mother, Stephanie Medley, said several fights erupted inside the bar about 3:30 a.m. and that her son was standing against the wall when the security guards allegedly lunged at him, handcuffed him and searched his belongings.

Medley contends that security guards hit her son with a chair, beating him and punching him until he became unconscious.

Spurlock said that any injuries Burt suffered came at the hands of other patrons and not the nightclub's security guards.

The bouncers tried to break up a large fight inside the club by moving those patrons outside and trying to get the participants under control, he said.

"My security is top notch," he said, and any claim that the guards were the aggressors is "a lie."

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