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8 PM on ABC

8 Simple Rules

Cate (Katey Sagal) isn't happy after learning Bridget (Kaley Cuoco) fibbed to her in order to attend C.J.'s (David Spade) college bash, in "C.J.'s Party." Bridget gets grounded, and C.J. gets thrown out of the house. Jim (James Garner) has to take a test to be able to drive again after he's pulled over and found to have an expired license. (TVPG) HDTV9049

8 PM on Channel 17


"Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude" bears a yawn-inducing title, but it's a surprisingly engrossing program. It details how 18th-century English clockmaker John Harrison developed the chronometer, a device that provided navigators with a way to determine their whereabouts on the open sea. (TVG)31681

8 PM on AP

King of the Jungle

"Survivor" with animals: That's the easiest handle for this unscripted series as it begins its second season. Nine people - including a model, a house painter and a U.S. Air Force colonel - vie to become the competition's ultimate winner, though each episode offers those who haven't been voted out the chance to be that installment's "King of the Jungle." Two of the rivals then battle to stay in the game. Madison Michele is the host. (TVG)55223

8 PM on A&E


A sales receipt leads police to the home of one of the most twisted killers of the 20th century: Ed Gein, whose perverse penchant for making lampshades and chairs from the human skins of his victims inspired creepy characters in such films as "Psycho," "The Silence of the Lambs" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." (TVPG)652049


Maneater: Siberian Tiger

For a long time, Russians had little to fear from the largest cat in the world, which generally kept to itself in the country's Taiga forests. Things have changed, though, since factors like hunger and illness are prompting Siberian tigers to emerge from their usual habitats and come face-to-face with understandably frightened citizens. This new special offers tiger expert Yuri Trush's views on the potentially lethal situation. (TVPG)650681

9 PM on Channel 17

Alan Alda in Scientific American Frontiers

History indicates when and how people from other lands arrived in America, but recent discoveries and theories have prompted some to question the supposed facts. In the new episode "Coming Into America," host Alda talks with archaeologists about their finds, some of which suggest that the cultural roots of North and South America differ from what long has been believed. (TVG)28117

9 PM on Channel 49


Rosanna Arquette ("Pulp Fiction") makes a rare TV appearance in the new episode "Skipping School." She guest stars as Erika's (Taylor Cole) long-estranged mother, who suddenly resurfaces and wants Erika to move back home with her. Nikki (Kay Panabaker) has doubts about foregoing her last year of junior high to enter high school early, which Ava (Lori Loughlin) encourages her to do. (TVPG) HDTV5501778


Things I Hate About You

Jacqui Malouf has made a name for herself as a relationship expert, but even she may face some first-time challenges as she observes - and makes pronouncements about - the couples in this unscripted series. Based on a British program, the show premieres with each person in a twosome getting a video camera. He or she is meant to use it to document the most annoying things about the other individual.

10 PM on ABC

NYPD 2 4/7

Alison Esposito, a police chief's daughter known to her fellow cops as a risk-taker, demonstrates how she got that reputation in the new episode "Hour Five." She squares off against a violent drunk, then acts as bait for Times Square purse thieves. Lt. Vic Hollifield, who lost 14 of his officers in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, realizes the changes in himself after he returns to active duty.16730