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Mr. Golisano, are we supposed to run to the bank or max out our Visa cards with the news of reduced Sabres' ticket prices?

For fair weather fans who simply want "a night out" I suppose it is a great thing. But for the die-hard fans who want to see a championship in Buffalo, who are tired of losing and tired of excuses, reduced ticket prices mean little because it's the same old story. We still have the same leadership on this team in Larry Quinn and Darcy Regier, who continually tell us how much they "love the players we have" even if those players result in a team that doesn't make the playoffs.

While "great young forwards" are great, they don't win championships. What does is goaltending and defense. Does anyone know who our goaltender is? Does anyone know who will replace Alexei Zhitnik on our defense, which is one of the thinnest in the NHL? It doesn't help having a very soft sport media who hosts these "Darcy Regier & Larry Quinn Shows," which are filled with fluff and create a "safe place" for the Sabres brass to speak.

Mr. Golisano, until you talk about acountability and show a true commitment to excellence, it doesn't matter how low you go with ticket prices. I'll go and pay when I truly believe you're doing everything to make this team better. It isn't happening now under Quinn and Regier.
Henry G. Dembski


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